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Proven Duraplas Round Water Tanks Delivered Direct to Your Door

Superior and unique, computerised manufacturing techniques ensure Duraplas poly water tanks are produced to the highest quality standards, and in an environmentally friendly manner. Duraplas premium quality tanks are covered by a proven and reliable 20-year repair or replacement warranty. Duraplas tanks are approved to ISO 9001:2000 quality standards and are awarded 'Product Certification to AZ/NZ 4766:2006'. Join thousands of satisfied customers and order your next Duraplas tank direct from The Tank Factory. Browse our comprehensive tank range below:

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    Further info on our range of round water tanks: Water conservation in Australia has become a matter of national concern. Local councils in many areas have imposed and implemented restrictions on the consumption and use of water. This has been attributed to long and often unpredictable periods of drought. It was once primarily rural areas of Australia which depended on rainwater tanks, but now water tanks are used extensively in most rural and urban areas. A rain water tank allow you to harvest rain and use it in accordance with your needs, allowing you to be more flexible with your water usage. 

    Collecting rain water assists in maintaining a regular and constant supply of water all year, depending on the capacity of the tank and frequency of use. What’s more, you are able to control how much water you use and what you use it on. In this way, you can often avoid council restrictions on water. You then may not need to suspend projects such as gardening and watering plans because of the restriction on water consumption. Having your own supply of water can also assist in living more affordably, such as being able to wash your own car and use as much water as required, without having to worry about water restrictions.

    Your monthly water bills are also likely to decrease as a result of low water consumption. Our comprehensive range of modern poly rainwater tanks are manufactured to endure the test of time, and many models come with a 20 year guarantee! Our modern state of-the-art computer aided manufacturing processes ensure your tank is produced to the highest possible quality levels for many years of reliable service.

    The Tank Factory supplies a wide range of quality tanks, and we’re sure to have the perfect plastic tank for your home or business. One of the most popular types of poly tanks in Australia (particularly in rural areas and as rural tanks although these are also used as urban tanks in city areas) are round water tanks (also known as cylindrical tanks). Round tanks take the form of a cylinder and are used both in rural and urban areas (and fitted outside the house). Our range of round water tanks come in a large choice of available colours, so you can have a tank that blends well with the colour scheme of your house or property.

    Our poly range is made of polyethylene (also known as polyethylene tanks), and are very durable and available in a wide range of colours. Round water tanks do consume a considerable amount of space on your property (which is fine in many instances), but if you have very limited space on your property, you may like to consider one of our slimline water tanks. If a slimline tank still requires too much space, an underground water tank may be best suited to your requirements, and can be hidden under the ground, and completely out of sight!

    The capacities of our round water tanks vary. The smallest round tank we supply holds 450 litres of water, and the largest round tank we supply is able to hold 34,000 litres, so we’re sure to have a tank to suit your needs. Please feel free to browse our range of quality tanks and order online, or make contact with our friendly staff if you have any questions which are not already answered in our FAQ section.