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Superior and unique, computerised manufacturing techniques ensure Duraplas slimline and midline water tanks are produced to the highest quality standards, and in an environmentally friendly manner. Duraplas premium quality tanks are covered by a proven and reliable 20-year repair or replacement warranty. Duraplas tanks are approved to ISO 9001:2000 quality standards and are awarded 'Product Certification to AZ/NZ 4766:2006'. Join thousands of satisfied customers and order your next Duraplas slimline tank direct from The Tank Factory. Our slimline water tanks feature a great looking modern design and make the ideal rainwater storage solution for tight areas. Browse our comprehensive slimline tank and midline tank range below:

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  • Slimline water tank info: Australia has the lowest annual rainfall of any continent in the world (when you take Antarctica out of the picture). As such, there's been a huge interest in making use of water tanks to collect and store rain water. Harvesting rainwater makes perfect sense. The rainwater is relatively easy to collect, and it's a free source of relatively clean, usable water. Rainwater tanks can also serve as a back-up water source if local supplies become depleted and water restrictions are put into place. 

    Environmental Responsibilities

    We all have a responsibility to preserve our precious natural resources. Water is one of these resources and it's important that we use it wisely. Rain water tanks reduce storm water run-off which can pollute our rivers, lakes and wetlands. Water harvesting also alleviates some of the pressure that is placed on artificial and natural lakes that we depend on as water sources. More importantly, it can sometimes reduce the need to build additional desalination plants that can severely impact local ecosystems. These desalination plants consume enormous amounts of energy, which leads to greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere. 

    Types of Water Storage Tanks.

    Rain water tanks come in three general flavours. The traditional choice is large, cylindrical water tanks (or round tanks) that are often used in agricultural scenarios where land is plentiful. Slimline water tanks are different in that their form is more rectangular, slim, and compact, making them ideal for cities and urban areas. In areas where there's a desire to hide the tank completely, underground water tanks have been developed that can be safely buried out of sight. In the past, water storage tanks were made from galvanised metal or concrete. Nowadays, most tanks are made from modern, tough, durable polyethylene materials that are rapidly replacing older designs.

    The Advantages of Slimline Tanks

    Slimline tanks are quickly becoming the preferred choice in cities and urban areas for many consumers. Unlike round tanks, slimline rainwater tanks feature a sleek contour that will fit into any residential or commercial setting. These slim, low-profile slim tanks blend into the background, preventing an unpleasant eyesore on your property. Best of all, slimline tanks have been specifically designed to collect and store rainwater. They are available in a wide range of capacities, from small, 450-litre tanks all the way up to high-capacity tanks that can store 5,000 litres or more. 

    Our slim line water tanks are designed using modern computerised manufacturing techniques. This advanced manufacturing process eliminates thin spots on a tank's surface, ensuring strength and rigidity. Each tank is made from tough, polyurethane plastic that meets relevant ISO standards. Slimline tanks are also available in a very wide range of colours that will complement any environment and colour scheme.  To conserve precious water resources, protect the environment and save on your water bills, you should do your part and invest in a high-quality rain water tank. You'll have peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable water source. Also, you'll reduce your monthly water bill from your local supplier.

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