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Duraplas Lattice™ Underground Water Tanks - the extra low profile solution!

Our extra low profile underground poly tank is unique. The patented design offers you so many benefits. Strong, light, space efficient and tucked away out of sight, the Lattice™ Underground Tank is also trafficable when installed under your driveway. Save money on excavations. An easy installation DVD and engineers drawings are supplied with every underground tank. The perfect small urban block option. Innovative space saving underground tank design incorporating the latest technology, to ensure reliable and safe water for household usage.

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  • Underground tank info: A plentiful supply of clean water is something that most us take for granted. In the past, water storage tanks were mainly the province of the farming community in interior regions, which depended on them for their livelihood. Due to the growing movement to conserve water and to protect the environment, urban Australians have started to embrace the use of water tanks in developed areas and cities such as Sydney and Brisbane.

    The benefits of harvesting nature's rainfall are many. It conserves a precious resource, provides free drinking water in an arid climate and can help to significantly reduce your overall home water bill.

    Harvesting the Rain

    Rain harvesting is a relatively simple concept that involves the collection of run-off from roofing or other inclined surfaces. Rainfall is collected by gutters that channel the water into down spouts that siphon it into a rain water tank. You'd be surprised at the amount of water that can be collected from the average home's roof. If you have 100 square metres of surface area on your roof and you receive 5 millimetres of rain, then you can collect 500 litres of usable water in your rain water tank. Since the average rainfall in Australia's driest regions is between 200 and 250 millimetres per year, this collection can make a huge difference.

    The Many Benefits of Storage Tanks.

    A primary benefit of water tanks is that they give you total control over your water usage. In areas with water restrictions, you will still be able to wash your car, fill your swimming pool and water your landscaping and your garden no matter what. Water collection is environmentally friendly and helps to conserve water during droughts. The stored water can also be used as a backup system to municipal water supplies or deep wells. The most important benefit of water storage tanks is the fact that you can reduce the amount of money that is spent on your water bill each month. 

    Storage Tank Choices

    Above ground water tanks are used predominantly in the farming and cattle industry where land is plentiful. Round water tanks are still very prevalent and come in many different capacities depending on how they will be used and the amount of water that is required. Slimline water tanks are somewhat different since they're rectangular in shape and slimmer in profile. They can be used in urban settings where a low profile might be more aesthetically pleasing or where there's a desire to hide the tank under a porch or veranda. A third option is the use of underground tanks, which can be hidden underground. In metropolitan areas, underground rainwater tanks are fast becoming the preferred choice in situations where an above ground tank isn't an option. 

    The Advantages of underground tanks

    Large above ground water tanks are simply not compatible or practical in some urban areas where space comes at a premium. Underground rainwater tanks are ideal for these situations, since they can be tucked underground and out of sight. This is important because it frees up property space so that it can be utilised for other purposes. Unlike some above ground tanks, underground water tanks do not promote algae growth and can reduce the amount of water that is lost through evaporation.

    Furthermore, underground tanks can be quieter than tanks placed above the surface.  Today, harvesting rainwater is viable not only in interior regions but in cities and urban settings as well. The only thing required is a method of capturing the water and diverting it into a rainwater tank. Storage tanks will give you great peace of mind since you know you'll always have water during those lean times when it's scarce. In some cases, water storage systems can even be configured to satisfy all of your day to day needs and allow you to be completely independent of external water sources.