Large Rural Steel Panel Tanks

Large Capacity Build On-Site Steel Panel Tanks

Providing up to a Massive 275,000 litres of Water Storage Capacity

Kingspan-Rhino-TanksThe Tank Factory is pleased to offer the complete range of large capacity build on-site Kingspan Rhino Rural Rainwater Harvesting Solutions, manufactured by Kingspan Water, Australia’s leading manufacturer of steel tanks. The Kingspan Rhino (previously called Stockman) Tank Range is a premium quality product developed specifically for rural, semi-rural, agricultural and commercial applications. Precision engineered in Western Australia under a quality management system certified to ISO 9001, this range of large capacity water tanks offers storage from 26,000 through to a huge 275,000 litres. The Kingspan Rhino polyethylene Infinity Liner has passed water potable testing at the Australian Water Quality Centre to AS/NZS4020:4020 and ANSI/NSF-61 and each tank and liner are backed by a 20-year conditional warranty. Kingspan Rhino Steel Panel Tanks are delivered in kit form and then assembled on site by experienced installation technicians.

Designed to store water from a variety of sources, a Kingspan Rhino Tank is suited to rainwater harvesting or water pumped from a bore, creek or dam, or for commercial uses. A significant advantage offered by the Kingspan Rhino Steel Panel Tank range is its comparatively low inlet height. This means, for example, a single-storey house will still provide enough head height for rainwater to easily flow into your Kingspan Rural Tank, even for our largest tank, with a huge capacity of 275,000 litres! Browse our impressive range below: