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Introducing PlantaPod™ — the hassle-free raised garden bed manufactured in Australia by Duraplas that ticks all the boxes. The strong, durable and light-weight design of PlantaPod™ is built to withstand harsh Australian conditions and includes a proven 5 year warranty. With a raised garden bed (844mm deep), your back will thank you and weeds are generally much easier to manage. PlantaPod™ is manufactured from 100% recycled material (or Choose a Non recycled Colour When Purchasing Pairs), So all you have to do is drill drainage holes, place in position, fill with soil and get growing! Join thousands of satisfied customers and order a quality raised garden bed direct from The Tank Factory.

Rust Proof

Rot Proof

No Assembly Required

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    plantapod double 840 series2
    $295.00 $280.00 (inc GST)

    PlantaPod™ Double 840 series – Recycled Green

    (Dimensions: 2170mm Length x 1120mm Width x 800mm Depth)

    The PlantaPod™ Double 840 raised garden bed features a patented strong, durable, light and highly versatile design. With a height of 840mm, your back will thank you and weeds will be easy to manage. This model is perfect for your front/back home garden, nursery or commercial application. 

    Easily grow vegetables, greens, flowers or even small trees. Buy multiple PlantaPods™ for a larger garden and more planting space.

    PlantaPods™ are stackable for efficient transportation, so order multiple raised beds to save on delivery. What will you grow?

    Please contact our friendly staff for a delivery quote, or for assistance with any queries.

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    AQGB1200 Elevated-Grow Bed & Aquaponics Tank
    $595.00 $495.00 (inc GST)

    POLY AQGB1200 Elevated Grow Bed & Aquaponics Tank All-In-One

    1,200 Litre Elevated Garden Grow Bed & Aquaponics Tank All-In-One

    (Dimensions: 2370mm Length x 755mm Width x 840mm Height; Grow Bed Depth 240mm)

    Introducing the all new AQGB1200. Duraplas has introduced an innovative new aquaponics grow bed and grow out/irrigation tank. This new patented design lets you grow vegetables and herbs and at the same time fish!

    This revolutionary new product provides a space efficient, practical solution with an eye-catching appeal. Imagine having a sustainable growing system on apartment rooftops in urban areas. Apartment dwellers or your local restaurant proprietors could grab a fresh lettuce for a salad, a fresh fish for that special dish or just enjoy the tranquillity of having a special green space to enjoy.

    Each AQGB1200 is supplied with a 32mm outlet+ball Valve and 2x 100mm Wallace Seals (For storm-water Inlet and overflow, should that be required) 

    The all new AQGB1200 can be set up using a manual, semi-auto or fully automatic solar-powered watering system. Just sit back and watch your fresh produce grow.

    Manufactured from 100% recyclable polyethylene in 24 modern colours.

    Please contact our friendly staff for a delivery quote, or for assistance with any queries.

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