Truck Tanks

TruckTanks™ Australia

✓  Strong & Durable Design  ✓ Excellent Value  ✓ 5,000 – 15,000 Litres

The exciting new range of TruckTanks™ and galvanised support frames are fully engineered and comply with all current Australian load restraint rules. This compliance is unique and the new TruckTank™ range of tanks are designed to handle rigorous off road and highway conditions year in, year out.

Whatever your application, we’ve got you covered: Whether you require a water cart tank to transport potable water to households, a special unit to move molasses to rural properties or you deliver chemicals or liquid fertiliser to commercial clients – the TruckTanks™  range will satisfy you requirements with ‘flying colours’. The standard range of TruckTanks™  (5,000 Litre – 15,000 Litres) are designed to transport liquids with an S.G of 1.0 and will handle liquids with a S.G up to 1.5 S.G. A ‘baffle ball system’ anti-surge system is also available on request.

Duraplas Industries Pty Ltd have been supplying the Australian market with premium quality polyethylene storage tanks for 37 years and we are excited to introduce to the Australian market the all-new TruckTanks™ range of polyethylene transporter tanks. Browse our range below, and contact our friendly and experienced team today. A deal second to none is waiting you.