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Considerations When Looking for a Tank with Delivery to Brisbane Northside

So, you’re in the market for a rain water tank to connect to your home or business on Brisbane Northside? Chances are you’re looking to collect and store free rainwater as it falls from the sky, what a brilliant idea.  Not only does this put you in control of your own rain water, so you can use as you see fit, but it also has the potential to save you money on water bills. Here are 3 considerations when considering your tank options.

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1. Water storage capacity

Slimline Water tankThis is dependent both on how much water you’re likely to use, as well as your capacity to collect rainwater. If you will be using the rainwater you collect for household purposes, you may like to consider figures release by the Australian Bureau of Statistics. This research on average water consumption per person indicates that 103kL of water were used per capita, which equates to 103,000 litres in a year! That is a lot of water, but you do also need to consider that it tends to rain much more frequently than only once per year throughout most parts of Australia. This means that you generally won’t have to have all that water available at any one point in time. Why not check out our water catchment and water usage calculators? These should be helpful in determining how much water you consume, and your capacity to collect rainwater, and thus, what size rainwater tank you might like to start with.

2. Available yard space

Is there a limited amount of space available for installation of a new water tank at your property? This can vary significantly depending on how much land you have, ease of access, the location of buildings, and more. If you have a reasonable amount of space,  our quality range of Round Poly Tanks are often a good place to start, offering great value for money, and capacities up to 34,000 Litres. If space is limited, and you have a hard time making room for a round tank, you should consider a more compact option from our Slimline Tank Range (like a compact 5,000 litre slimline for example), which are designed to fit into tight spaces, common in urban settings, and offer water storage up to 5,000 litres. Multiple tanks can be linked together in banks to reach larger water storage volumes. If space is very limited, you should perhaps consider our range of underground and underdeck tanks, which allow for up to 5,000 litres of water storage completely out of sight! We have a huge range of tank models and sizes available, so rest assured our friendly staff make every effort to find the tank best suited to your water storage and space requirements.

3. Tank inclusions

You’re in safe hands with The Tank Factory. Our comprehensive range of Duraplas™ tanks boast an impressive feature-set, including a 20 year repair or replace warranty on the full range of poly round and slimline tanks. Having been operated by the same owners for over 40+ years, you can count on great service and quality at a competitive price. Duraplas tanks are also made with guaranteed heavy-duty shot weights, with outlets fitted at the factory, all fittings watermarked and ball valve supplied, and a range of other inclusions which really stand out. Take a look on our Why Us page, and see for yourself!

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