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Take a look at our comprehensive tank range, which is available for prompt delivery throughout Ipswich and many other parts of QLD.

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Whether you’re looking for a round, poly, slimline, underground or steel tank, The Tank Factory is sure to have what you need. We have a huge range of tanks ranging in capacities from a small 340 litres to a whopping 252,000 litres! Our experienced delivery team will conveniently deliver right to your door. Besides our huge range, one of the main reasons why so many people choose The Tank Factory, is because buying factory direct gets you big savings, while still enjoying the very best tanks available on the market.

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Ipswich, like most parts of Brisbane can get quite dry throughout some months of the year. This is yet another reason why you might be considering purchasing a rainwater tank for your home or business. And why wouldn’t you want to collect and store the free rainwater that falls from the sky!? Not only does this allow you to decide what you want to do with your own rainwater and provide flexibility, but it can also cut down on council water rates, and save you money.

No matter your space, we’re sure to have a tank that suits you. If you live in the suburbs, we have a range of space saving slimline water tanks to fit snuggly alongside of your house. You may even consider an underground tank, tucked away out of side. And there’s always a small or mid-sized round poly tank (for example a 1,000 litre, 3,000 litre or 5,000 litre tank) that many backyards can accommodate.
If you live out of town, or need to store large amounts of water, we have a comprehensive range of round poly tanks including the popular 10,000 litre, 22,700 litre and 30,000 litre variants which are very cost effective. If you need even more water storage you can install banks of these tanks. Otherwise, you may like to consider our range of steel panel tanks, which are assembled on site, and available in sizes up to 252,000 litres.

Our tanks are available in a range of stylish colours to suit your building or landscape. For example, with our range of poly tanks, you can select from over two-dozen colours! You can easily select your desired colour, as well as inlet/outlet/overflow locations and nominate delivery details when you complete our online order form. Our experienced staff will be happy to assist with any queries you might have, just use our online contact form or call us throughout business hours.

The Tank Factory’s 10 tick advantage really sets us apart from other tank companies. We’ve been owned and operated by the same owners for over 40+ years, which is almost unheard of in our industry. You can count on our 20 year repair or replace warranty (on our full range of poly round and slimline tanks). Our New Generation Polytank design, and dome self-supporting roof assures you the very best tank available, which will serve you reliably for many years to come. Why not take a look at our comprehensive tank range, which is available for prompt delivery to SE QLD and the Darling Downs including Ipswich, Toowoomba, Dalby, and surrounding areas, and start saving today with a quality rainwater tank. We look forward to assisting.

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