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With over 250,000 water tanks manufactured since 1984, we’re the obvious choice for your new Sydney water tank.

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The Tank Factory offers premium grade water tanks to Sydney and throughout many parts of NSW. Click here to see our complete range of premium quality tanks. Whether you’re looking for a large round poly water tank, or a more space efficient slimline tank, or underground tank, we’ve got the perfect tank to suit your Sydney property!

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1,180 Litre (close to 1,000 litre) Slimline Tank and PumpSydney, NSW is the most populous city in Australia, with a population of approximately 4.5 million (ABS 2011). With such a large population, there is significant demand on water for household use. Why not harvest your rainwater, preventing it from going to waste, and store it in a quality rain water tank from The Tank Factory? This will not only allow greater water flexibility, but will also reduce your water bill, while allowing you to enjoy fresh rainwater! Our range of Sydney water tanks include a bonus mosquito grade mesh stainless steel strainer, overflow spout and stainless steel mesh cap, mounting screws, Watermarked approved brass flange and chrome ball valve. If you have plenty of space and have a high water usage requirement, a round poly tank is likely to suit you. Our range of round poly water tanks are available in 340 litre to 34,000 litre capacities and in a wide range of stylish colours to suit your property. If you have limited space in your yard, you may like to consider a slim line water tank. Our modern range of slimline tanks are highly space efficient, and available in capacities up to 5,000 litres. Finally, if you have very limited space, you should consider an underground tank. Our range of Duraplas Lattice underground tanks are high-strength, super space efficient, and able to be tucked away, completely out of site. Our trafficable underground tank models can even be installed underneath your driveway for maximum space efficiency! The Tank Factory also have a large range of pumps, tank accessories, FRP, chemical, industrial and custom tanks. Water tanks  are an important consideration for your Sydney home, and we’re confident that we can offer you the right tank to suit your needs at an affordable price, with affordable Sydney water tank delivery! Contact our friendly staff today, who will be happy to assist with your tank purchase.

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