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From Stanthorpe and The QLD Southern Downs Region to NSW’s Tenterfield and New England, We Can Help You Secure Your Own Water Supply with a Quality Tank from The Tank Factory

Tenterfield and Stanthorpe residents are no strangers to diverse weather patterns. From the cooler winter temperatures in New England to the warmer climes of Southern Downs, we have water tanks that can withstand it all. Our tanks are built to last and are perfectly suited to the unique climate challenges of this region. We know how vital water conservation is in these picturesque regions. Our water tanks are designed to not only meet your water storage needs but also to help you preserve the natural beauty of your Tenterfield or Stanthorpe based property by giving you the option to select from one of 20+ different colour options to blend into your environment or match your home. By harvesting rainwater, you can contribute to the sustainability of your community, and we’re ready to assist with a vast range of different rank options.

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r22,700 litre twin water tanks in garden offering more than 20,000 litres of water storage for each tank

Discover the Perfect Water Tank Solution for Your Needs

Whether you’re nestled in the scenic landscapes of Tenterfield or the tranquil beauty of Stanthorpe, or perhaps residing in Toowoomba, Lismore, or Armidale, The Tank Factory has an array of water tank options to meet your needs. Our selection starts from a compact 300 liters, offering mid-range choices such as the 5,000-litre round tank and extends to our larger tanks, boasting capacities exceeding 30,000 liters. We cater to a wide spectrum of needs, whether you’re seeking rainwater tanks for your farm just outside Casino NSW or Kyogle, looking to economise on town water bills, or enhancing your home and garden’s water supply. For properties with ample space and substantial water requirements, our large round tanks, available in both poly and steel, provide excellent value for money and impressive storage capabilities. If space is at a premium on your smaller block, we have you covered with an impressive selection of slimline, under-deck, and underground tank options that are tailor-made for compact spaces. We even offer slide on water transport tanks for trucks, cattle troughs and a wide range of other innovative products.

Join the ranks of satisfied customers in Tenterfield, Stanthorpe, and neighbouring towns like Ballandean, Glen Aplin, Deepwater,  Glen Innes, and Tabulam who have chosen The Tank Factory as their water tank supplier. Our commitment to quality, durability, and customer satisfaction sets us apart. Discover the peace of mind that comes with a water tank from The Tank Factory.

Local Southern Downs and New England Expertise, Global Quality

When you choose The Tank Factory, you’re choosing a company with a global reputation for excellence. But we also understand the unique needs of Tenterfield, Stanthorpe, and the wider region. That’s why we offer local expertise backed by international quality standards.

Our rainwater tanks are versatile assets in both home, business and farm settings, offering numerous practical uses. In residential settings, our tanks are invaluable for reducing reliance on mains water supply. They supply water for essential household activities like drinking, cooking, bathing, and flushing toilets, cutting down on water bills and conserving precious resources. Additionally, rainwater harvested in tanks is perfect for nurturing gardens, lawns, and ornamental plants, ensuring they remain vibrant even during dry spells. Rainwater can also be used for washing vehicles and outdoor cleaning tasks, providing an eco-friendly alternative. In farm settings, rainwater tanks are indispensable for livestock and irrigation, as well as maintaining farm equipment. They also serve as a vital source of emergency water supply during droughts or when mains water isn’t readily available. In both contexts, rainwater tanks promote sustainability and self-sufficiency, making them a sound investment for homes and farms alike.

Discover the multitude of benefits that our water tanks can bring to your daily life. Whether you’re in Tenterfield or Stanthorpe, as well as the surrounding regions like Toowoomba, Lismore, and Armidale, rainwater tanks are indispensable for property owners. They can reduce reliance on municipal water supplies and cut down on water bills, providing clean water for drinking and gardening. They’re perfect for keeping your gardens lush, even in Stanthorpe’s sometimes hot and dry climate, and crucial for maintaining livestock and irrigating in Tenterfield and beyond. Don’t miss out on these benefits – explore the comprehensive range offered by The Tank Factory and make your purchase online in just a few minutes.

Explore our extensive selection today and conveniently place your order online. Should you have any questions or need assistance in finding the perfect tank for your unique needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly team.

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