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We’ve been in the tank business since 1984, and have a huge selection for you to choose from. This includes round, slimline and underground, poly and steel rainwater tanks, all with affordable delivery to Wollongong NSW and surrounding areas throughout the Illawarra region. Select the ideal tank for your place, browse our quality range below.

Round, Slimline, Underground, Poly or Steel — We Have All Your Tank Needs Covered

The team at The Tank Factory are proud to present our comprehensive range of rain water tanks, along with affordable delivery to your area, so you can be collecting and saving rainwater in no time. Regardless of whether you’re in need of a slimline tank to have installed beside your home, an underground tank to store rainwater out of sight under your yard or driveway, a round tank for out the back, or a large tank for your acreage, farm or nursery, we’ve got the perfect tank for your property.

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R22700 Litre 5000 gallon green water tanks back of home

Did you know that Wollongong receives an average annual rainfall of approximately 1,321 mm? That’s just a little more than Sydney’s average annual rainfall of 1,215 mm and noticeably more than Brisbane’s 1,008 mm average.

With Wollongong receiving a large amount of rainfall, why let it flow off your roof and into storm water drains when you could be collecting and storing it for all the important uses we put it to? Collecting and safely storing your rainwater in a tank allows you to have the water there right when you need it. Whether you want a tank to water the garden, wash the car, to connect to your home, or perhaps even for your commercial property, nursery or rural land, you’re sure to find the perfect option at The Water Tank Factory.

Our most popular tank model is the R22700 round poly tank, which offers amazing value for money, and boasts an impressive 20,000+ litre water storage capacity. This is just one option from our huge range. We offer a range of smaller and larger capacity round tanks — which all offer excellent value. Round tanks are perfect when you have some space out the back, or might be looking to store water on your rural, acreage or farm property. Our range of slimline tanks are also very popular, offering up to 5,000 litres of rainwater storage and are ideal when space is limited — for example alongside your house or shed. Our range of underground water tanks (including both under yard and under driveway models) offer up to 5,000 litres storage capacity, and allow you to store water out of the way, and completely out of sight. In addition, we also offer a range of quality under deck tanks, as well as a full range of steel water tanks, and panel tanks which boast up to 378,000 litres of water storage capacity.

Not only do we offer a huge range of tank shapes and sizes to choose from (with varying storage capacities), but we also offer a choice of over 20 stylish colour choices for you to select from. Choose an attractive colour that matches in best with your environment. Whether it be Wilderness Green, Merino, Armour Grey, Heritage Red, or something else, the choice is yours! To make your tank installation as easy as possible, we also allow you to select your tank outlet and overflow locations.

We offer affordable tank delivery throughout the Illawarra NSW area, please see the delivery info on the tank model you’re interested in. We’ve manufactured 250,000 tanks since 1984, and have delivered numerous tanks to the area. We’re proud to offer excellent quality and value for money, along with friendly service. Our experienced team look forward to assisting with your tank purchase, take a look at our quality range now.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 9.8/10 | Product: Round Polyethylene Tank
“A great product, sales staff very helpful and the delivery driver went out of his way to position the tanks on a difficult site . I would recommend this company to any one looking for water tanks at a very reasonable price with great service.”

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