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Quality Tanks

When it comes quality rainwater tank design, here at the The Tank Factory we have it covered!

What Makes a Water Tank Strong?

There are two important factors affecting the strength of a tank:

  1. The shape or geometry of the tank.
  2. The thickness of the tank

How is a Duraplas Tank Designed and Manufactured?


The shape of a tank is vital. For this reason, ALL our tank designs are verified and optimized by an engineer using computerized Finite Element analysis. It is only after we have the design verified by simulated analysis that we manufacture the mould for the tank.

A key reason why round tanks are less expensive is because they are the best shape for storing water. Our slimline tanks are still optimized to the best design possible. However, because they do not have the round shape, they require more material to achieve optimum strength, and thus they are more expensive per litre of water stored. Having said that, many people still find them perfect for their needs and space requirements


The main factor that determines the material thickness is the amount of plastic that is used during the manufacturing process. The amount of poly used to manufacture a tank is called the shot weight. The greater the shot weight, the thicker the wall of your tank will be.

Tank Manufacturing

When we make tanks at the tank factory our powder is always carefully measured to the correct shot weight. The powder is then loaded into the mould. Once the tank has been cooked, it is then cooled. Lastly, the tank is tested in several different spots to ensure if has the correct thickness all over.

Water Tank Testing

Some tank manufacturers claim that they can have a strong tank because they have less plastic up the top of the tank and increased thickness at the base.

While this is a valid argument to a some extent, it is without question that increased thickness over the whole tank is a far superior option. In our harsh Australian climate, if a water tank is empty the heat of the sun can soften the plastic and cause the roof of the tank to collapse or cave in. Therefore, there is a huge advantage to having increased thickness at the top, as well as at the base.

Why are Duraplas Tanks Superior?

We at the Tank Factory pride ourselves on the quality of our product. We even back it with a 20 year warranty.  The shapes of all of our designs are verified by simulated analysis, and what is more, we have guaranteed heavy duty shot weights.  

To ensure our products last 20 years and beyond, we not only make sure we have a great design, but we also make sure that our shot weights are correct giving you a stronger, longer lasting product. It is no coincidence that our competitors do not advertise their shot weight. Nor is it any coincidence that they offer shorter warranty periods.
It is proven that the greater the shot weight, the greater the strength and durability of your tank. Before buying a water tank, make sure you ensure that you are comparing apples with apples!

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