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The Right Watertank for the Port Macquarie Area

Port Macquarie has an average annual rainfall of 1513.4mm (Port Macquarie Hill st). Most of this rain falls early in the , even in the driest time of year (around August and September) a house with a 200m² roof would still collect 16,000L/month. In summer, it could collect more than 28,000L of water/month. That’s a large amount of water you could be using!

You can store all this water in a rainwater tank for use in your house (subject to council approval), garden, swimming pool or for washing your car. Storing water can save you money and it certainly benefits the environment. If you are on a property with no mains water, having more water storage can make a large difference to your lifestyle.

Reduce Your Water Bill!

Rainwater is recommended for flushing toilets, washing machines, watering your garden and lawn, washing your car and topping up the swimming pool.

Computer modelling on the use of rainwater tanks in the Port Macquarie-Hastings Council area has shown that for a family of three people the installation of a water tank reduces the amount of water used from the town supply by approximately 50% or 133,000 Litres per annum. This modelling was based on the rainwater tank being connected to the hot water system, toilet, laundry and outdoor taps. The amount of water saved from the installation of the water tank amounts to a cost saving of approximately $372.00 per annum in based on the 2017/18 water charges.

Requirements for the Port Macquarie Hastings Council Area.

  • If your tank is near the boundary (within 900mm), the water tank must not be higher than 1.8m. If your tank is more than 900mm from the boundary it can be as high as 3m.
  • If you are putting your water tank on a stand you cannot enclose the area or use it for storage of any type.
  • Tank stands are not to rely on the footings or a wall of an existing building on your property
  • The pump for your water tank must be installed in an enclosure that reduces the noise level.
  • A first flush device should be should be fitted to ensure that your water tanks doesn’t not fill with impurities and on your roof.
  • If you are installing a tank at an existing property there is no minimum size for the rainwater tank. However if you are fitting the tank to a new dwelling then you will have to comply with BASIX.
  • The Port Macquarie Hastings council has drawings available for all types of installation here.

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Having been manufacturing quality water tanks since 1984, we are a company you can trust. Our team is made up of experienced individuals, and we are still run by the original founder and managing director.

All of our above ground water tanks (including our slimline tanks) are backed with an industry leading warranty of 20 years. Our tanks also comply with the Australian Standard AS4766:2006 and have the heaviest shot weights in the industry. See how our tanks compare.

Tanks with Prompt Delivery

We deliver to Port Macquarie and all surrounding areas, at a time agreed to by both parties. All of our tanks come with the fittings pre-installed at the location that is right for your situation. The Tank Factory’s main manufacturing facility is located just four hours away from Port Macquarie, and we deliver weekly into Port Macquarie and surrounding areas.

John, Russell, Adam, Mark and Renee – take pride in offering friendly, prompt and efficient services. While we have gone to great efforts to include all our tank models on our website, if you do have any enquiries, please don’t hesitate to call or email us. We are always happy to help.

What are you waiting for? Take a look at our comprehensive tank range, or contact our experienced team now for assistance finding the perfect tank for your property.

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