Grow Beds

 Strong & Durable Grow Beds, Planters and Aquaponics Products

✓ Perfect for home and commercial growers

Us Aussie’s have always enjoyed our fresh, home-grown produce. And now you don’t have to worry about the back breaking hard work that comes with traditional garden beds!

The exciting new Duraplas Grow Bed and PlantaPod ranges are built on modern ergonomic design, taking the backbreaking pain out of growing. Our grow beds are manufactured from recycled polymer and are strong, lightweight and will not rust or rot. Our grow beds are popular among both home and commercial growers and include a proven and reliable 5 year warranty.

Simply choose the design that best suits your yard and option up with a stand (if required – or you can simply set on the ground).

Browse our range below, and order online in minutes, or contact our friendly team with any queries.